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About Us

Agriculture & Immigration CEO's Merge

Dr. Gray-Steele and Ada'Zane Williams have joined forces to merge the conversation of agriculture & immigration in the U.S. They have established powerful alliances and congrassional support including minority-women farmers across America to demand fair funding for minority farmers and immigrants.

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Business Consultant

Running multiple business requires instinctive discipline & clarity of  thought. Learn more...

  • Restaurant Ownership

  • Operational Manual Development

  • Curriculum Development

  • Book Layout Design Specialist

  • Collateral Material Brander

  • Solutionist

  • Marketing/Persoanl Relations

  • Real Estate Specialist

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Captivating Interviews

Branding begins with transparency. Let your audience hear from you or just share your story of pain and triumph. Learn more...

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Host Round Tables

  • Host Town Halls

  • Branding Interviews

  • Personal Interviews

  • Political Moderating

  • Corporate Interviews

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Immigration Specialist
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Immigration Initiative

Immigration Reform begins at a State & local level. Learn how Ada'Zane has developed and spearheaded a pathway, through education, to form a functioning immigration infrastructure.

Learn more....

  • Immigration Application Manuals

  • Licensed Immigration Consultant Training Manual

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion + Immigration Training Courses

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